SIEM Korelasyon Özelliği ve Performans

  • Too Many Different Destination Traffic
  • Too many DNS Queries
  • Too many failed login attempts
  • Too many users, server is full
  • 1 dakikada 10'dan fazla hatalı giriş
  • 10 dakika içerisinde 10 defa başarısız giriş denemesinden sonra başarılı oturum tespiti
  • Brute Force Attack Detected
  • Brute Force FTP Attack Detected
  • Brute Force Hosts Detected by Threat Intelligence Source
  • Brute Force MsSQL Attack Detected
  • Brute Force Oracle DB Attack Detected
  • Brute Force RDP Attack Detected
  • Brute Force VPN Attack Detected
  • Security Enable Global Group was changed
  • Security Enable Universal Group was changed
  • Security Enable Local Group was changed
  • User Created by Non Admin
  • Port Scan WAN
  • Dangerous Traffic Sent
  • Dangerous Traffic Received
  • Firewall Logon with Unknown Accounts
  • L2 MITM Detect Fake DHCP Sources
  • RDP Trace Same Source to Different Destinations
  • Firewall Configuration Added
  • Password Reset Attempted
  • Create user account and after user account has changed
  • Create user account and after logon failure
  • Zerologon Vulnerability (CVE-2020–1472)
  • A user account was unlocked
  • A user account was enabled
  • Login attempt with disabled account
  • A member added and join admin group
  • Remote DHCP Scanner
  • All Brute Force
  • Malicious Web Attack
  • Malicious Web Injection
  • Malicious Web SQL
  • UserDisable
  • PsExec Service Start
  • Detected By Threat Intelligence Feeds -Not Blocked By Firewall
  • User account deleted in short time after creation
  • A user account was locked out
  • VPN Login Inside




Entrepreneur,Security Analyst,Research.

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Ertugrul Akbas

Ertugrul Akbas

Entrepreneur,Security Analyst,Research.

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